Requesting a Cessna 206

I’m requesting an update that features a Cessna 206 float and non float version

Same, its a Great machine yet in production .

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I’d imagine Carenado will get to porting their model over eventually. Personally, I just hope the go with a steam gauge version over another G1000.


I’m not a fan of carenado aircraft even from fsx days I wasn’t really a fan but if A2A were to do one I’d be more likelier to buy it more than the carenado version because I’m not a fan of how Carenado is not doing custom builds and just porting over the aircraft

I hope they’d actually do both the g1000 and steam gauge because I just started getting used to the g1000 after doing a bit of flying at night (I use steam gauge during the daytime flights and g1000 for night flights)