Requesting help with Darkstar

Hello everyone!

Can you explain to me what is the easiest way to reach Mach 9 and maintain it? I’ve been trying to finish the challenge for hours, but sometimes my plane goes to Mach 2.7 and in a second I see my screen zoom in and my speed drops from Mach 2.7 to less than 1…

Same thing last night, I was finally able to go to Mach 9, but after maybe 25 minutes where everything was fine, my plane did the same thing and my speed dropped below Mach 5…

What could be the reasons for this sudden deceleration?

Thank you!

First suggestion to search the forum as there are dozens of posts that explain how to do this including videos.

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It could be odd, though the increase of speed occurs at best with nose up, I guess around 10 degrees pitch up. And also the boost requires above 80 000 ft.
As suggested the tutos and tips others have done, are the best place to improve own skill

Thanks both for your answers.

I’ve already check some video but I can’t really find some precise informations about when I have to turn on the subspatial engines, I know I have to be between Mach 3 and 4, but what about the altitude? Am I really forced to be above 80k ?

You can turn them on when you launch, but be warned at about 35-45k ’ they will engage and push you in excess of mach 3,and this will destroy your plane, done it multiple times hehehehe. If they’re running at that altitude a slow mach 1 1.5 speed is recomended until you get up around 45k’ then you can let loose…;p

I remember the 80K is mentioned in the Darkstar challenge, not sure if it’s mandatory though, not even tried either than suggested, I’ve just followed all which was requested in this mission.

Ok! Thanks for the advises !

Yeah, I haven’t try the “tutorial” directly in the plane, and I practice with the challenge so I use all the information I can have with the Objective tab.

But even with that, like I said, after 25 minutes being at Mach 9, my plane suddenly braked to Mach 5 for no reasons while I was at 120k :smiling_face_with_tear:

One last thing, I saw a lot of persons telling that you don’t need to invert the plane to gain speed and pass Mach 1 but just to climb to 45k and then descend with -20° to approximately 25k before raising again with 10°, is that really work ?

I think I was asked to descend at some point, I don’t remember for inverted flight though, sorry
I’m not the best Pilot with theses challenges, I have some with A and others with B, though all completed and very fun to discover. This helped me to go ahead and practice over and over carrier landing inside the Maverick (yes another thing). I like the practicing and there’s still a lot of work for me to make improvements …

Don’t worry! Thank you so much for the answers you have provided me!

I need to play all these challenges, I know I can learn a lot from them too, but being a beginner with the simulation and the aviation world, I hope the objectives tab can help me do the right things ^^’.

Good luck with the carrier landing, I tried maybe 15 times and only landed successfully 2 times x)

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You don’t need to invert the plane and I have done several successful flights without doing it. Basically, once you reach 30,00ft begin to pitch the nose back down slowly until your nose is 10-20° below the horizon. You will start to increase speed and once you reach around Mach 1.5 you can slowly bring the nose back up and start climbing again at around 10° and wait for the plane to reach Mach 3 then engage the scramjets. Just be careful as when you approach Mach 3 your speed really begins to climb fast and if you’re still too low you can overspeed the aircraft and it break from the stress.