Reshade and Illumination

Hey, I was browsing YouTube, until I saw a video of a guy doing realistic flights or something. I saw them and was shocked by the lighting he uses, it looks like real life and not cartoonish like the Flight Sim default, so I was trying to figure out what he uses and he uses reshade but I can’t get the lighting he uses. Can someone help me or can you put your presets? Thanks.

Btw here is my my attempt to replicate it:


His one looks good and so does yours, maybe he’s using video editing software to enhance the look further ?

Yeah, that’s what I think but still I want to get as much as possible to the graphics of him.

For a good comparison: mix in some more clouds… put it on “few” clouds instead of “high level” clouds. And play with the time, until you get the light right.

The tool presented on Youtube mixes in certain shades of dark blue. Green gets enhanced, red gets more pronounced, existing blue will get a bit darker. It’s an interesting tool (it has sliders !), but I doubt if it can add any “realism” to MSFS… because Reshader is not looking at time or weather settings of MSFS. If you like it, install it I would say ! but the addon has about the same effect as a set of sunglasses with a blue hue.

Check out this topic, the developer explains how this works,

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Buy a non-special-gaming-hyper-fast-monitor and you get the same result without reshade or any tuning.

Thanks for your help bro!

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