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What dds compression format and type should we use?

I’m trying to reduze the size of some aircraft textures with or GIMP. Textures like 8k or 4k to 1k. The albedo and composite textures works well, in sim shows properly. The problem is with the normals textures. I reduze and export then (i’ve tried various export options), but in the sim something happends, the model looks weird, like if the light doesn't interact properly with the material.

And not only resize. If I paint a simple dot and save the texture normal, it shows with the same problem.

In other forum suggest to try other compression format Resize normals? — polycount, but i’m getting crazy with the tons of possible export options.

I’ve readed in the docs about the DDS textures, but can’t find about the format and how to edit existent NORM.DDS textures.

For example, this is the original model with the original textures:

This is with the texture resized:

And this is with the resized (some other extrange shadows around undercarriage):


Finally I found the solution for if someone need it. The compression type used by the norm textures is BC5 (linear, signed). Resizing and saving with the proper format (albedo and compossite can use DXT1 if aren’t transparent) we can make lighter those AI version liveries.

Also works with the R8G8 (Linear, Signed, V8U8) but it doubles the size.

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I really appreciate your sharing the information. I had the same issue with Thank you again. I will try it after my work.

a bit late but … these are the settings i use with

Texture File Formats

ALBD - .DDS- BC1 (Linear, DXT1)
ALBD (Blurred) - .DDS- BC3 (Linear, DXT5)
NORM - .DDS- BC5 (Linear, Signed)
COMP & Decals - .DDS- BC7 (Linear, DX 11+)

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Thanks :slight_smile:

And what is the difference using that format in ALBD (Blurred) and COMP&Decals? Transparency?

tbh im not certain, this was given to me some time ago by a very good scenery dev