Resolution 5120x1440

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the resolution 5120 x 1440 is blurred at the edge. Is the resolution not supported or is there a tip on how to set it so that the image is also sharp at the edge?

other games can do it too

Any screenshot?

Unfortunately not supported, you will also enjoy extra huge lights on runways and other aircraft while at night the center of your distant view will get all blurry.

Disagree. How do you come to that conclusion? Why it shouldn’t be “supported”? I am running 2x qhd monitors at that resultion just fine. Yeah, it needs a beefy gpu and yeah at present the implementation of multimonitor setups is pretty basic and with wide angles like these you have distortions like hell - not pretty for now. But as they are working on multimonitor setups displaying these resolutions will be much more pretty without distortions.(hopefully!) That “blurriness” (or whatever) has no relation to the width of view imo, only distance makes blur.
But even now… you can rock your sim with this resolution if you want to…

Vignette on?

You disagree it’s not supported and then say they are working on it, which is it?

The only game I own that has driving or piloting without ultra wide support is My Summer Car and a man is coding that in a shed.

That center blurriness isnt there in standard width or even during daylight so it’s not a function of the sim.

BTW, I use three monitors @ 5760x1080 and blurry center at night and distorted lights are in your face show stoppers. Using TrackIr I barely notice the edge distortions as the focus is re-centered as I turn my head.

You’re responding to someone who could be spending upwards of $1000 on an ultra wide monitor …

… telling him it is “supported” isnt helping.

Multimonitor support should have been fully implemented at launch. You Asobo groupies can not create a compelling argument to the contrary. It is marketed as a flight sim, and flight sims almost beg for multimonitor support. The fact that it was not fully implemented is proof of the half baked mess that is MSFS 2020.


it’s a 49" Samsung monitor. Games like RDR2, Cyberpunk 2077, PES21, ATS2 or ETS2, Outriders or Iracing can do it.
The image is “stretched” to the edge and thus becomes blurred. I just don’t understand why Asobo doesn’t see any meaning

I prefer a 4k monitor:

  1. 4k has greater resolution 3840 x 2160 (8,294,400 pixels) than 5120x1440 (7,372,800 pixels)
  2. universal game support
  3. I prefer flying airliners and get improved instrument detail due to the higher vertical resolution
  4. zero distortion
  5. cheaper!

Did not know the word.





(plural noun)

  1. a brief evocative description, account, or episode
  1. a small illustration or portrait photograph which fades into its background without a definite border.

It is a graphics option for faded screen corners/borders.

Whatever that means, OK.

Instructions to enable/disable Vignette can be found here:

Too much for me.

I don’t have a problem with vignettes.

At least, I don’t know it. So it is ok.

you aren’t the OP… so…

I didn’t know he did either.

Isn’t stretching happen if the sim is rendering the images not at the native resolution of the monitor?

So if the monitor is at 5120x1440 and the sim is only rendering at less than that, then yeah, there would be blurring. Have you made sure the Sim’s graphics settings are exactly 5120x1440?

Also, is this your monitor?

The sim has no ability to render other than 16:9 full stop end of story.

No vignette or setting is going to change that until they update the game.

This giant blurry area isn’t distance either.

Original size shot since someone is going to see that and not get that it’s cropped.

Well there we go… that’s the answer. Can’t we use the usercfg.opt file to edit a custom resolution?

3 screen users have been complaing about it since release…

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