Resolution issue in VR mode

Quest 1 via Virtual Desktop
Was making some changes to settings today and I’m not sure what I did. When I’m at the main menu in-sim, it’s rendered normally (stereoscopic but using all the space on my 2D monitor), but starting a flight or entering VR after starting a flight causes the game to render in what I can only assume is a lower resolution, with a black border around the rendered image. In VR, when turning my head up down left or right I get black borders that I did not have before. FPS hovers around 60ish on the ground, so I don’t think its a framerate concern. Before, the image on the monitor was split straight down the middle and with no black spaces (which is still how it is on the main menu, just not in flight). Attached screenshots showing the issue, any help appreciated!

At the menu:

In Flight:

Update in case this is frustrating anyone else: Downgrading from the SteamVR beta to 1.24.7 resolved this for me