Resolved - NeoFly aircraft does not match in mission

I have this issue with NeoFly, where the aircraft I’m in is not accepted in the mission, it shows a red dot and I’m getting the message, that the MSFS plane name does not match with NeoFly plane name. When select change at the prompt I get another error stating that the plane is already in the database, or it is not the same plane.

I own the plane in NeoFly (purchased in game at an airport, it is in my hangar, I even validated the tail number), it is an un-modded aircraft in MSFS (TBM 930) and I have the class rating for it in NeoFly. The plane is at the same airport where the mission starts at.
I tried to restart the mission, all other dots are green but the aircraft’s. I’m playing Pro mode on this pilot.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you!

in the flying tab have u went to aircraft and selected the plane to use, usually happens when u have 2 planes or more in hanger, would be best to try there discord to fix it or sign up for fseconomy for abit different experience.

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Thank you, that solved my issue! I have seen that option on the flying tab before, but it is grayed out when the mission is in an active state (connected to flightsim), and I guess I never tried when when it was not active. Thanks again!

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no problem.


Sorry to hijack this thread, but as yet, I’m not permitted to start new threads.
I have another question. Do I still need to add a start and destination airport when flying a Neofly mission.
I would have thought that since it’s connected to MSFS it would have set the ‘From and To’ automatically, but evidently not, unless I’m doing something wrong.


Neofly does not create a flight plan.

You can of course just navigate from the Neofly map and use “heading” and altitude" in your autopilot instead of “nav”.

Otherwise, you can either create one before you fly, or if your aircraft allows it, enter one into the GPS (or hit “Direct to”) once you have spawned at parking/runway. If you are flying aircraft without a GPS that lets you enter a new flight plan - installing the freeware version of the gtn750 and using it as a popup is a good workaround.