Resort Supply bush trip - A recreation of an old FSX mission

I have created a bush trip that is a somewhat faithful recreation of the Resort Supply mission from FSX. Those of you who enjoyed the missions from FSX will like this, but definitely give it a try even if you never played FSX.

It even makes use of the sound files from the original mission!

This mission uses the Asobo Baron G58, but a version of the mission with the Asobo DA62 is available for those of you who did not buy the Deluxe or Premium Deluxe versions of MSFS. UPDATE: Now also includes the Carenado PA-34T Seneca V and the new Milviz Cessna C310R! If you use the alternate versions, it will still call you “Baron 71FS” however.

It’s about an hour long and it involves challenging short field operations, mountain flying, low altitudes, and you might even encounter a couple of surprises along the way.

Please visit the page to download and learn more!


I’ve just updated the mission to be compatible with Sim Update 9 and also added two new variants. The mission is now flyable with the new Milviz Cessna C310R and the Carenado PA-34T Seneca V! Check it out if you’re interested!

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Thank you for doing this!

Funny how there is such a huge demand for missions with more “audio” and story but no commercial company bothers!

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Can’t find the FBO at the first airport…

Hey, the first destination is S52 (Methow Valley State) and the objective requires you to park next to a van. The van will only be visible if the scenery part of the mission is also installed. There should also be a picture in the in-game nav log to assist with locating the van.

Haven’t flown the sim in a while and haven’t tested my mission with latest versions, so not sure if it still works or not. But afaik it should still be fine, so double check those things and if that still doesn’t work let me know.

Gotcha, thanks for the quick reply! I only noticed a helicopter parked at the airport but I’ll make sure I’ve (also) got the scenery downloaded. Is it a library pack or an airport scenery package that’s needed?

The scenery is included in the mission download. Just make sure that the included “resort-supply-scenery” folder is also installed in the community folder alongside the mission folder. No other addons are required.

And also make sure you’re at Methow Valley (S52) and not nearby Twisp (2S0) :wink:

Oh I’ve been to both lol

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