Respawn after crash

Currently, if you crash you get the option to go to the main menu or to respawn at your departure airport/coordinate.

How about we add two options:

-respawn to position of 15 minutes before. (including all states: heading, speed, altitude, vertical velocity, whatever has been said over atc, …)
-respawn at position of crash (for example, if you crashed on the runway, let me respawn on the runway while standing still.)

Currently I’m often sightseeing on some vfr trips. And sometimes I ignore my speed and thus overspeed while looking outside. This causes me to crash and restart from a position I was an hour ago. Kinda sad. ^^

Same here. I’d like to be able to respawn from the site I crashed or why not spawn the plane in the air and then allow you to move it on the map as you wish relative to where you respawned.

I do something somewhat similar to respawning. Where I find a spot in the air that I’d like to start from at sometime in the future, I Esc the game and Save the game (you have to be careful about heading, air speed, etc., when you “respawn,” especially if you’re flying in mountainous terrain or around buildings, bridges, etc.).

Then the next time I want to be at that spot, I load my saved .FLT file. I hit Ready to Fly and immediately hit my Pause On button to adjust my engine RPM, cameras, or whatever is not the way I want it (haven’t learned all the ropes of the game again).

So maybe if one could just have an AutoSave of an .FLT file at some desired time interval before a crash, one could effectively respawn any time desired by reloading the .FLT file without restarting the game. It would be kinda like a flight recorder from which could go back and restart a previous position in the air at a fixed time preceding.

Right now our computers can barely keep up with the live game at the desired res and fps but it would be kinda neat if there were a flight recorder and one could put the “data” of one’s flying behavior through an analysis and replay one’s flying (I guess there’s video recording through the game bar or Z Experience or whatever but what I’m talking about is having the sim capture the controller movements and air pressure data on the aircraft control surfaces, whatever actually generates the simulated flight - so you would know your air speed, your control positions, etc., when you spun out (perhaps if you have your controls showing in a video you get a lot of this already). I guess this idea can be implemented in 2030 when we’re all running NASA super computers…

we need the reset game option so if we make a mistake somewhere (bad landing) we won’t have to crush the plane or exit the game and wait to run from the begining to start over.Also need exit game option so we won’t need to hit x to exit the game

Go into developer mode then crash detect will be ignored

Thank you for your reply.My problem is not the crash.I want the crash.The problem is that i want to reset the game whenever i want so if i make some mistakes , to start from the main menu . I don’t want to exit entirely the sim and wait 10 minutes to reload the sim from the very beginning