Restoring flight plan mid flight

As you probably know, saving a flight part way through scrubs any ability of the simulator to continue following a flight plan that existed at startup. I have been told that Simbrief flight plans can be loaded in when continuing a saved flight that’s already part way through the journey. Is this true, and if so how do I load it in?

Go into Heading Mode, load the flight plan, activate the closest leg to you and when close enough activate GPS … CDI and change mode to GPS.

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Go to Heading Mode: presumably you mean on the autopilot?
Load the Flight Plan: How? Only .flt files can be loaded whilst in flight.
CDI and change mode to GPS: I don’t understand what CDI means.

Sorry I thought you might be using Simbrief. And I never ask what aircraft. I assumed one with G1000

CDI Course deviation indicator

I am trying to use Simbrief. Simbrief generates .pln files that I only know how to use on the world map, before the flight starts. The missing information which I am trying to establish, is how to “use Simbrief” to load in a flight plan when I am already in the air with a plane which has been loaded from a saved flight already. I have been told that this can be done, and what you say would seem to confirm this, but the actual process of how to do it is not clear. Can you explain how to do it?
I am using an aircraft with the G1000.

Have a look at this…

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OK so the critical missing piece appears to be the Navigraph Avionics Plugin which is the thing that actually gets the data from Simbrief and pops it into Flight Simulator. So I will need to use that, right?

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