Resume Downloads

Reason: I had to new start the download airport “Paderborn-Lippstand EDLP” 10 times after abort… :frowning:

I would like to be able to resume function of downloads after cancellation how in browsers.

Not sure if this is a bug or whislist…

I don’t play daily, but it seems each time I do, there is a large update. I have a newly built computer with all high-end components, but my only Internet connection at this time is through unlimited cellular. My challenge is getting the downloads to ever complete. Last one took a couple of days of trying.

Wondering why these updates can’t be smart enough to pick up where they left off. Most of the time, the program crashes and is not responding. I have to restart, and the download starts from 0 again. It appears that an entire patch has to be downloaded in a single session. Why not allow for continuation from wherever?

I imagine that many around the world deal with inconsistent Internet and would really appreciate being able to download the patches more easily after a program crash or interruption.

more than agreed. they need to make the downloader smart just like steam store, Epic games store and others where terabytes of games are downloaded efficiently on sub-par internet connections.

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