Reverb G2 drifting all over the place

It’s been a while now since I have had this problem, and it seems to have gotten worse lately.
I am experiencing head tracking issue with the G2 inside cockpit. When I move my head arounf I experience my position drifting inside the cockpit (such an immersion breaker), even sometimes my head is facing the other direction a 90 degree angle, I constantly have to reset my VR position inside the cockpit.
So I was wondering if other people were experiencing the same sort of issue.
I have even transformed the lighting in the room to be as diffused as possible to avoid any contrast area, no luck there.
I also play a lot of iRacing and ACC in VR and those two sims are solid as rock in VR, I NEVER experience head tracking drift inside the car cockpit.
I am wondering if it is a MSFS or OpenXR problem, or both are responsible?
Would love to hear the feedback from other people good or bad, thanks

If you do experience the same problem, can you please vote (left of the topic title), it will bring more attention to it, thanks

I have the exact same issue. i9, SSD, 64GB RAM, RTX 3090, G2. I use open XR too. Have you had any success figuring this out?

I feel things got better with the latest updates, not perfect but much better. I don’t have to reset my head position as often as I used to do.

Just CLEAR ENVIRONMENT DATA in the WMR APP. It should have done this as Auto on each use. Another in follow up to this is to SET FLOOR HEIGHT with a Controller even though you may not use a Boundary. This is important if using in complete Dark with only your Monitors for it’s cameras to work on what little light it needs.

Thanks for the tips.

To add to the other good points, try changing up the lighting in the room you’re in. Lights off/on, window blinds open/closed etc. Sometimes these variables can cause issues with head tracking. Everyone’s environment is so different and it’s almost impossible to recommend the best solution.

I have already adjusted the lighting in the room. Black drapes on top of curtains to attenuate the contrast the sun light creates on the window. No ceiling lighting, use a powerful flashlight, in a far corner of the room in my back, to light the ceiling and create as diffuse of a lighting as possible for the entire room.
Things are getting better though, I experience a lot less drifting, and the sudden 90 degree flip of my VR view has almost completely disappeared. I don’t know what to attribute those improvements to, it is not perfect, but it’s much better. I am sure will get there with VR, I just have to be patient.

I have to thank you! I have been struggling with the unwanted cockpit drift for months and it was really driving me crazy - sometimes happens and sometimes not. Just this morning it occurred to me that it was happening more with night flights - during which I always keep the room lights off even with VR. I thought it was possibly the night environment of the sim which didn’t pan out when I made it daylight still moved….until I read this post and turned the room lights back on!! This reliably reproduces the problem and solves it….so thank you!!! What a great forum this is :slight_smile:

In WMR APP’s Settings: Environment>Clear Environment Data

It may need the Floor Height set again with the Right-Controller in HOME which is weird to use but you’ll get there. For times you can not access HOME then you must use the WIN+Y to get it. Else you never need HOME nor WIN+Y for anything as you use ALT+TAB to switch in/out VR (better in MSFS to make this ALT+SPACE instead)