Reverb G2 flashing Black in alternating lenses in A320 Neo

Hi all.

Please can anyone advise if they have picked this issue up before or if they have a solution?

Recently, and only in MSFS in vr, whilst in the Neo Airbus 320 and Flybywire’s latest development mod, I am getting alternating and intermittent black flashing in my lenses in my HP Reverb G2

It appears that this flashing only happens when I am looking at the glass cockpits in the Neo or when looking at the iPad on the left. If I look outside the windows, there is no black flashing.

I am guessing that this is a conflict with the glass cockpits in the Neo as it only happens when I am in this plane and looking at the displays… Especially the PFD and ECAM and iPad.

I am using a 3090 with a 5900x cpu and 32 gig ram.

I must emphasize that I do not see this error in any other applications in vr.

Please help?

I have similar problems since the last AMD Radeon update 21.1.1 (AMD Ryzen 7 5800x, GPU 6800XT). Sometimes the right or left lens flashes when looking left or right. This is independent of the glass cockpit, as I have this with other aircraft as well. Also crashes without error messages are increasing again since the driver update. Therefore I suspect that this depends on the driver(s). Since you have a 3090, you may have updated your driver as well. I’ll wait for the next updates from AMD and MS.

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I am using 457.30 drivers which are the recommended ones for vr. They are not the latest.
I still need to test if this is happening in other aircraft but I think it’s limited to the neo.
Will advise shortly.

Just took the cap10 for a flight around Hong Kong. No black flashing. I’m convinced it’s the A320 neo issue. Just not sure if it’s linked to the flyby wire mod or if it’s all glass cockpits. More testing in other aircraft and also with the mod turned off. Will advise shortly.

If you mean one or both lenses going black sporadically it is with all aircraft when I have encountered it.
Only happens in MSFS2020 for me.

Confirm - just in FS2020 - not in other games

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