Reverb G2 - motion repro ON

I’ve always had motion repro OFF but last night I tried it ON with OXR 100 and TAA 75. Very good experience. Butter smooth, no stutters even in FBW A320.
My specs:
3080 undervolted
64GB 3200mhz

Was that using the preview runtime?

I find the image isn’t as good with repro on, some warping around the propeller and screen flashes if I turn my head rapidly, but it is nice to have a smooth, stutter free cockpit. Currently have it turned off but might experiment with it again.

I always had decent results running the Reverb G2 with this sim utilizing Open XR.
I think it interpolates two frames for every one real frame and does a pretty darn good job with it.

I have since moved to Vive Pro 2, and wish I could do the same with it - the sim is definitely more demanding with it. I have it dialed in pretty good now after a couple of solid days working with it, but the experience I think was better with the Reverb G2 because of the Open XR thing. I was able to run it at a little higher resolution due to that.

I found the latest nvidia driver has helped lots with some of the wobbly artifacts. I only get a few around the windows and windscreen edges especially when on the ground, the propellers are fine now. But having said that I’ve turned it back off recently as I’ve found nice settings that does not need it.