Reverb G2: Upgrade to 3080TI from 2070 Super?


I’ve got a MSI Z590 Wifi Pro / i7-11700K / 64GB system with a 2070 Super (EVGA XC Ultra Gaming). (plus 2 1TB PCIe Gen3 x 4 m.2 2280 SSD’s).

I just purchased an HP Reverb G2 (second gen)(It hasn’t arrived yet).

I can afford a 3080TI, but it’ll cost $1549… As much as I’d like to spend the money, if I don’t have to, that’s close to 10 hours of actual flying… Will it be worth it for me to upgrade to support the G2?

I’m currently happy enough with the performance of my system on my 55" LG UN7300 4K monitor, but, I’d like to start getting into VR, and it seems like I should upgrade for it.

I fly just about solely GA and Warbirds (Warrior, P.149, Widgeon, Grumman Goose, Corsair, Spitfires, P-38, etc.).

I had a 2080 TI, and a 9th Gen I9 processor with G2.
I got new computer with 12 Gen i9 processor, DDR 5 4800 Ram, and 3080TI.

I saw a big difference, the 2080TI could not drive the G2 at max resolution and without dumbing down quite a few settings…

not sure how much with graphics card, and how much was the rest…

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I have also just upgraded from MSI RTX 2070S to Asus RTX 3080TI and the headset from Q2 to G2. It’s definitely an improvement, the system is a lot more stable, can get fairly smooth VFR performance, with 35FPS, almost no interruption on the graph in Dev mode, while using real time traffic, real time weather, around NYC KJFK 1000ft, G1000 display is very clear in G36. When trying cabin view of Boeing 747, every dial is clear and easy to operate. However you have to curb your expectations, it is still not like you see in 2D :frowning: but if you have money, it’s well worth it. I feel like the last update made VR experience using the my 2070 card completely unplayable.

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The upgrade will be significant yes but it still won’t be as good as your monitor.

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Get the 3080ti, you will need every cycle.

And you will love it.

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I have upgraded from 2080 Super to 3080 Ti - it gave appropriate power to the G2. Keep in mind that you can earn a bit money back by selling the 2070S!

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I went for it. Thanks for all the quick responses.

Good point about reselling the 2070 Super.

Congrats on joining the VR club, hope your new hardware suits you well. I’m running an evga 3080 ti ftw3 with my G2 revised. These are the setting I use to get a near solid 40 FPS in decent weather, bad weather gets 33-35 FPS. These setting ain’t gospel, but only an idea of what can be expected. Enjoy!

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How’d it go?

Awesome. :slight_smile:

Performance is amazing, at least as far as I’m concerned. I’m super happy with my purchase, as expensive as it was, $600 for the G2 and $1600 for the card with taxes (Massachusetts)(and if I had waited 3 days on the G2 purchase, I could have saved $80 :roll_eyes:). The experience is amazing.


Thanks for letting us know!