Reverb G2 with RTX3070 CTD

since the latest update (May 1 , 2023) I have noticed many problems with VR and lots of CTD. I have a powerful computer and used Reverb G2 with RTX3070.
First of all the ctrl-tab combo for initiating VR doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. I have to go to profile and enter VR settings and then initiate VR from that. Any attempts to load or save anything in VR results in a crash ( the actual file menu is on the monitor but cant be accessed).
Occasionally when in flight planning screen one scroll of the mouse wheel zooms over 300 nm all the way to the ground surface. If I exit the flight planning menu and come back later the mouse works as intended.
Why not put a VR toggle button on the toolbar that is visible in VR at the top of the screen. Then if you want to save or load a flight plan you can quickly get out of VR and then return again. Are there any plans for these VR fixes? I have seen the issue of saving flight plans in the wishlist section for quite some time.

It was brought up on the DEV Q&A that in the beginning they had a team dedicated to VR but that has since been dismantled and it is mixed on with the rest of the sim.

I assume that accounts for the slowed progression on the VR side.

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I’m having the same issue, as soon as I switch to VR from the keyboard the sim shuts down

On steam version: It’s not 100%, but I’ve found that starting Windows Mixed Reality (and shutting down the SteamVR box) BEFORE starting MSFS really improved the stability of starting VR. If I don’t do that, the VR startup was really flaky.