Reverse thrust broken

I am not able to assign this too. Saitek Pro flight throttle. A friend of mine can use the toggle function on other saitek equipment, but for me the command does nothing. I used a Lua through FSUIPC to achieve this very effect, I hope it comes out for MSFS too…

Toggle reverse thrust already works. I have it assigned on my logitech G36. It can’t “come out” for MSFS if it’s already here.

I am referring to a LUA plugin I used for FSX and P3D. As far as I know, it has not yet been released for MSFS. Just google for Throttle Manager to Allow Axis Forward/Reverse Toggle and you’ll find the old topic I am referring to. So yeah, I hope it comes out for MSFS.

The toggle command we have right now does not work for me. Neither toggle, nor hold function. I can see the the sim received the command, but the throttle still moves forward. I installed the beta, which claims to adress the issue, but it still does not work for me. Even worse, now the throttle in the cockpit of the TBM doesn’t move at all, but the engine responds to the throttle input from my hardware.

I know that there is currently a bug with toggle reverse and reduce throttle really get now. What these functions used to work and I’m sure they will work again. The bug is temporary. It does not make sense to constantly rely on some third-party utility to fix something that is a basic part of flight simulators. Taken to the extreme, that would imply that the solution to all the MSFS bugs is to use a different simulator. :smile:

I understand your frustration, and even agree that it is justified, but I think the best solution is just to be patient.

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Same problem here. Glad to know that it has been fixed in the beta. Can’t wait for stable version of the update to arrive :smiley:

THE PATCH IS OUT! ALL REJOICE! :partying_face:

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The patch did not fix this for me. The ‘toggle reverse thrust’ command will still not enable me to use my joystick thrust slider to dial in the amount of reverse thrust I want, as it used to work before Asobo messed it up. It simply toggles the reverse thrust at 100%. The ‘decrease throttle’ command however does allow for incremental reverse thrust but only incremental increase, not incremental decrease. Once you move your throttle slider forward it exits reverse thrust mode. For me this is far from ideal and not as good as it used to work.


■■■■, really? I was SO hoping this was returned to its pre-SU7 state.


At least that’s how it presently works on my end. Was hoping someone would read this, test and confirm. I’d much rather it be something amiss with my setup that I might be able to correct rather than a 1/2 fix from Asobo. To those that may be thinking it’s a minor issue as it’s sorta fixed, ya I get it, this is not a show-stopper but it used to work great and it’s not any more. I’m of the view that if Asobo breaks something that used to work, they should at least fix it to the condition we enjoyed before it was broken.

Ok, I tested it.

I have “Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust” mapped to a button on my Hotas One throttle. I press that button and it allows my thottle’s forward motion to move the reverse thrust towards more reverse thrust and its reverse motion to apply less reverse thrust.

Pressing the button again reverts the throttle to apply forward thrust.

For me, this is fixed and working as expected and as it did pre-SU7.

I am, however, getting weird behavior with “Toggle Propeller Reverse Thrust”. It seems to behave as you’ve described where I can toggle it and move it towards full reverse incrementally, but when I attempt to move it incrementally back towards forward thrust it jumps fully to its 0% stop. If, when it is set to max reverse and I press the toggle button, it jumps to 100% forward RPM. This is whacky.


Thanks for testing. Interesting. Perhaps this is aircraft specific. At least it seems to work like before in certain situations, that’s good news. Going to test some more…

Success! Tested the default airliners, Longitude, King Air and C208 and they now all performed flawlessly, as in pre-SU7, using the Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust command. The only thing I did differently this time is to reboot my PC. Don’t think I did that after the patch and this could somehow explain my failure during the first test on the default A320.

I did not test the the turboprops with the Toggle Propeller Reverse Thrust command. Didn’t need to. They reacted nicely to the Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust toggle, just as with the jets. Might I suggest you clear your inputs for the Toggle Propeller Reverse command, leave this unpopulated and just try the turboprops again with only the Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust enabled?


On the EMB-110, the propeller RPM levers also have the capability of being placed in a feather position. To do this, I need to engage the “Toggle Propeller Reverse Thrust” function, hence the issue. The thrust lever does, however, respond as it should with the “Toggle Throttle Reverse Thrust”, which is more important.

One could argue that the sim isn’t well equipped for a need to feather propellers, so perhaps it’s all a moot point. I can definitely learn to work around it’s quirkiness. Hopefully in an engine out situation, it won’t feel too awkward.

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Understood. I appreciate the problem with feathering which indeed introduces another variable. I’m just glad this issue, together with the TrackIR problems appear to be fixed now. Dysfunctional, these became way more of a nuisance for me than I would have expected.

They really ought to rename the ‘toggle prop reverse thrust’ action to ‘toggle feather prop’ because thats what it does! (which is fine and a welcome action). I remember getting mighty confused by the options when first setting up my peripherals.


yup,HOLD REVERSE THRUST is ok after update. But toggle reverse … still wont work !

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Correction: it doesn’t work FOR YOU. It does work for other people

For me the “toggle” does work … but … the logic has changed.

I can only toggle into reverse when my throttle is at zero … that is “new”

… and there seems to be some other logic involved as well which I have not figured out … it might be aircraft specific … like RPM must be below a certain value or something like that.

In the “old” release I could toggle to reverse at any throttle position.

(PS: I only tested “my” King Air so far …)

I’ve noticed the same behavior with the King Air…

Fixed in version