Reverse Thrust toggle doesn't work

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I don’t have mods or addons installed

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It’s the same for all default aircraft I tried (A320, etc.), but I’m unable to make the toggle reverse thrust to work. The only workaround I found is to have this feature mapped to the “press to reverse thrust”, but need to press continuously. It’s the setting above or bellow. I don’t have the game opened right now.

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I know the same button is mapped two time. It didn’t work, so I mapped the same button to the other one temporarily. It’s very annoying to continuously press the button.

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Map button, try to press and release, use your throttle and see if it goes reverse. It doesn’t.

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Maybe that’s the problem.

I have this alternate setup that you can try:
So add a few extreme deadzone on your throttle axis, this is to make sure that when you pull it back to the IDLE position the sim stops receiving input from your throttle position. You may be getting an issue where it’s getting conflicting inputs from your button telling the sim to apply reverse thrust, but your thrust lever itself is inputting to the sim as keep the engine at IDLE. By adding some extreme deadzone to the IDLE position, the moment the lever is pulled to IDLE the sim stops registering any input coming from your thrust lever so that reverse button can work.

Alternatively, you can try to look for the command called Reverse Thrust (HOLD). For this, you can bind it somewhere that when you pull the thrust lever to IDLE, you press this button and hold it, and you can apply forward throttle to “increase thrust on reverse”. This is how I do it on my old throttle quadrant.

Also, don’t double bind the control into the same command like in your screenshot, it will confuse the sim on which command to apply and be in conflict with one another. Just use one.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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If I actuate reverse thrust, maximize throttle axis, set it to zero and then set it to max again it sometimes works.

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Note that using the “hold” and “toggle” bindings at the same time can’t work.

“Hold” binding means that the reverse will be active only when holding the button AND operate the throttle at the same time.

“Toggle” means once the button is pushed, the throttle lever only operates the reverse thrust.

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Yes I have the hold one working, but kinda annoying. I’m expecting the Press one to do it similarly. By using thrust forward to go backward.

I understand the axis dead zone you wrote about, but it’s not very intuitive when you do my have any way to lock thrust lever on old joystick.

I guess it depends on how you’re going to use the reverse thrust, and different method requires different way to bind your controls accordingly.

Do you want to press the Hold reverse button and apply forward thrust to apply the reverse thrust, then use the method above.

But if you want to keep your throttle in IDLE make sure there’s at least 1-2% of extreme deadzone to make it stay there and not feeding the sim with any input, then press the reverse thrust.

Otherwise, you can also try using the “Decrease Throttle” because usually when the throttle is already at IDLE, pressing the Decrease Throttle button will turn it into a reverse thrust.

So you might need to experience a few configuration.

I actually found the solution by trial and error. I removed the “Hold” mapping and only used the “Press” to reverse thrust and assign my button on “Release” instead of “Push”. It works only when you throttle is at 0% in either way, so you will not be able to jump from -10% to 50% in 1s.

My game is in French, so maybe the wording is different, but that’s what I did.

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