[REVIEW] Athens International Airport (LGAV) by FlyTampa - Another great add-on by FT

Here’s my review of FlyTampa’s brand new Athens International Airport. It likely won’t surprise many that it’s another exceptional add-on by FT.

What to say about this one? It’s really hard to find something to complain about, besides a few minor nitpicks like imperfect snow coverage and a couple of small buildings that look too bright at night. Otherwise, it’s definitely worthy if FlyTampa’s excellent reputation.

I’m especially impressed by the windows, as FlyTampa managed to perfectly nail what the interiors would look like from outside, not too tinted, nor too transparent. This is rare nowadays.

As usual, there’s plenty of video content included so you can make up your own opinion if mine doesn’t cut it :grinning:


Will check it out. I have Copenhagen Kastrup by FlyTampa and it’s absolutely brilliant! Spot on.

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Nice review. Hopefully now that they are done with this one, they will now focus on KBOS!

They mentioned Amsterdam, Corfu, and Toronto next.

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Ahhh… that’s too bad. I saw a few posts that suggested KBOS was in the works.

Boston should follow after Amsterdam, Toronto and Corfu, they said this during summer:
“Amsterdam, Toronto, Athens are in late development for MSFS. Corfu and Boston are coming a bit later”

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Can’t have enough FlyTampa airports :smiley:

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I was sooooo waiting for this !!!
I am buying right now ! I couldn’t bare anymore that brown ground textures (I am Greek in Athens :yum::sunglasses:)
Thanks for the info

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Yeah, I’ve been wondering where that color came from haha.

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First things first.EYE CANDY is a blast ! As a Greek who lives in Athens,i am so impressed with what i see.Everything is there.They even made some advertisments labels for the Highway and ofcourse the Metro railway station
The only thing that is kinda bad,is that i experiences some fps issues while taxing and flying with the drone camera as well( i got a Radeon 6800xt Nitro+ S.E,NVME ssd,32RAM etc etc so all ok by me)
I also saw cars on the road being lost underneath the scenery(i guess it’s an SDK thing ? )
Would i recommend to buy it ? ABSOLUTELY 100%
Will i want for it to update and get better? Yes again.

Hope i helped.

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As a Greek-Canadian I too am very pleased with the latest version of LGAV ! I do however see a’lot of trees near the 21R and 21L runways. Curious if you also have these trees near the runways Sakis?

No,i don’t.I think it has to do with the season mode you have there

I think @Abriael summed it up well in the review! (and I agree about the ditches, a nice touch!)

But this is definately a top-notch airport and I love the attention to details which makes it come alive, with everything from flags moving in the wind, the passengers moving, the train etc. Textures of taxiways, runway etc are superb, modelling and textures of the buildings are also of very high quality. So can definately recommend it!

It has some minor issues, it’s a bit of shame with the blurry ground textures outside the terminal, where some roads are “fixed” and others not, I also noticed some glitches inside the main terminal, was a “gap” where you could see through everything and in the smaller terminal to the right of the tower (seen from the land side) you cannot see through the windows from the inside (and they are not matching how the windows look from the outside). So just a tad more polish and there is nothing really to complain about.

But with that said, this is certainly living up to the high FlyTampa standards and is an amazing airport that is definitely worth the money. I would give it 9/10.

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I’m right about to give up gauging performance of scenery lol. It always seems to be different for everyone. On my end, it goes real smooth.

And yes, unfortunately cars behaving randomly is an SDK issue as far as I know. I heard from quite a few devs that it drives them crazy.

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Hello, I am also about to purchase this; had a question if someone can help, can you actually taxi from 21R / 03L to the other side by going over the motorway on the bridges (i.e. no more crossing with car traffic as in the stock version) ?

Yeah, you definitely can.

Excellent, many thanks.

Appears this might now be fixed in the 4 Seasons mod

It’s ok it’s not the best one they’ve produced unfortunately.

The terminal is great, the extra buildings and the people moving about. The ditches and other little details look great.

However and this is a real bug bear of mine, the roads, the satellite data. I mean cmon you craft a lovely looking airport and the ground textures are horrific. Also the traffic is a bit all over the place too and some of the roads don’t join.

When I compare this to the vegas bundle there’s no contest. Ok a smaller airport maybe but they did lovely work with the terminal, they did bespoke cars that weren’t a part of asobos bog standard fare, fully modelled taxis buses and cars on nice roads and ground textures moving around and dropping off passengers. Really well done and immersive.

Big shame then that this, and other developers just leave themselves short.

Hello, I got this too and I like it a lot. Only thing, it seems to conflict with FBW a320 (stable version) - I keep getting a CTD right after the plane loads at the gate. Airport worked fine with the Beechcraft Baron and FBW a320 worked fine in generic LGAV so it must be the combination, right? Anyone else getting this ?