[Review] Auckland Airport (NZAA) by Flightbeam Studios

Just posted my review of Auckland in New Zealand by Flightbeam Studios.

I have a few mostly minor nitpicks, many of which subjective, but it’s another excellent airport by Flightbeam. Extremely detailed too if you exclude the terminal interior.

The only major-ish gripe I have is that the ground textures feel too pristine and bright compared to all the recent pictures and videos I could find, but for the rest, it’s one of the best for the sim nowadays, IMHO.

As usual, you can make your own opinion with the video content inside :smiley:

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Yeah- great review and well penned (if I may say so). I’ve had my eye on this and it helped me to make up my mind. I’ll be watching out for your other reviews from now on.


Thanks a lot for the kind words :smiley:

It’s brilliant I love it, just hope that for MSFS part… they able ‘multiple gate assigned jetways’ so that L and R gates on the B peir can be added. I also hope some missing stands including one cargo stand on the international apron, DHL cargo stand and the GA parking that I added in my remake (which is there in real life) near Air NZ maintenence area are added in future update.

I did find it very bright when I flew in, glad it wasn’t just me or a rather bright day but it was blinding.

If there is one small gripe/nitpick with some real works of art Airports, is the lack of real world gates and hidden ga areas but apart from that.

O for awesome

Yeah definitely not just you. I’ve spent an hour looking at footage from up to a week ago to make sure and also asked someone familiar with the airport.

I love Auckland and it is my springboard to actually downloading a lot of NZ third-party airports.

One question if anyone knows- how do we make sure that the docking assistance is working? I have downloaded the additional pack for it but I still am not getting it to work.