[REVIEW] Chongqing City & Airport by SamScene3D

Have a review of the “Chongqing Magic City 8D” add-on by SamScene3D. It includes both the city and a simple version of the airport.

It’s a pretty good package, especially considering that the developer had to work with a default rendition of the city and airport that is absolutely nasty. The default airport exists but it’s basically unworkable because it has only the runway, no taxiways and all. The default city looks like a slum.

While the airport in this package is described as “simple” it’s actually pretty good, especially considering the scope of the package, with partially modeled interior and terraforming. I wish it had custom jetways, but it’s a clear improvement over SamScene’s previous airports. It’s also a TON better than just giving you the city and then have you deal with the default airport.

There’s plenty of videos, so you can judge for yourself :smiley:

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