[REVIEW] Milano Linate (LIML) by JetStream Designs

Here’s my review of Milano Linate (LIML) that JetStream Designs released late last week. It’s a really good airport with great visuals (and optional static aircraft, which is rare and great), and it’ll become even better once the developer fixes a few small functional flaws.

There’s a full flyover video and a couple of approaches to see how it feels. :smiley:

As usual, hope you like it and that it’s useful for some of you :smiley:

Here’s an update. JetStream designs told me that an update fixing both the ILS and the ATC parking issues is coming tomorrow. They also provided me with a test version of the fix, and I can confirm it works as intended. :smiley:

Do we know if this scenery will come to either FS Marketplace, or Orbx Direct?? Thanks

not sure about the marketplace, but I don’t think this developer’s previous scenery (Paris Orly) is there either. As for Orbx, I doubt it, because they’re on the “rival” client, Contrail.

Shame, I don’t want to have to open too many accounts in so many different places :laughing:

This is a great looking airport. No problem with ATC directing my A320 to the gate. As of this moment the ILS is still offset from the runway. A really nice flight from EGLL with being directed low (safely :slight_smile:) over the scenic mountains toward the approach. Recommended!

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