[REVIEW] Skiathos International Airport by Orbx - A lovingly-crafted diorama

Here’s my review of Skiathos by Orbx.

As usual, there’s a lot of video content inside, in case you prefer making your own opinion instead of reading mine (but I’d still appreciate if you read it :stuck_out_tongue:)

So, basically “Skiathos airport” is a bit of a misnomer, because you get the whole island. And when I say “whole” I mean it. They made basically what looks like a beautiful diorama of Skiathos, including the city at a level of detail I’ve never seen in MSFS before. You can pick up photoshop, add some tactical tilt-shift style blur, and it’ll look like a photo taken from a real diorama.

The airport is also very detailed, with things modeled that you don’t usually see.

There are a few flaws, which mostly have to do with obsolete static models (They really need to update the library they use), some LOD pop-in issues, and textures that could use high resolution, but it’s impossible not to recognize all the love that went into making this, perhaps even beyond what’s reasonable to expect from this kind of scenery.

The approach is also one of the most fun I’ve flown in a while with the A32NX. Definitely recommended if you want a bit of a challenge :smiley:

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Great review as always!

I agree with much of what you said, think it’s overall a great airport with the additional scenery really making a difference. Still, I cannot help to feel that even a simple interior would have made a difference, those black opaque windows takes away quite a bit of the immersion.

Then again, not everyone even cares for such, but for me lot of devs are raising the bar all the time, so to be considered among the best, you really need that feature in my opinion. Other than that and some lower resolution textures that you mentioned, it’s a great addition and really fun to fly into and I felt it was definitely worth getting :slight_smile:

Yeah. I can honestly understand not bothering with small terminals that have few windows, but this has full glass walls straight on the apron. So yeah, I’d have liked a bit of interior modeling.

Can’t have everything, but I hope they’ll take the feedback for the next :smiley:

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