[REVIEW] Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport (OIIE) by HomaSim - A great airport by a new developer that could go far 😍

Here’s my review of Imam Khomeini Airport (OIIE) in Tehran, Iran by HomaSim.

The airport is great

It has a couple of small-ish things (mostly the lack of custom ortho and the default jetways in one of the terminals that’s a bit less visible), but otherwise it’s awesome, with some of the best use of PBR I’ve seen in a while and tons of nice details.

What’s most impressive is that this is a new developer. It’s once more evidence that smaller, local devs with a lot of passion for showing their country to the world can stand with the greats, like Cloudsurf Asia, Pyreegue, and more.

Apparently, they’re now working on Mehrabad (the other big airport in Tehran) and I can’t wait for that, since it’s even more scenic being in the middle of the city and much closer to the mountains.

As usual, there’s plenty of videos to make up your own mind, but this gets my thumbs up.


Thanks for the thorough review!

Much much appreciated :smiley:

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You’re quite welcome. Thanks for making a great airport :smiley:

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