[Review] UK2000 Glasgow

My review of the recently-published Glasgow Airport scenery by UK2000.


Thanks for the review, I was just thinking about purchasing this one, but think I’ll give it a miss (for now at least). I have his Bristol which is ok, but it defiantley shows its age against some of the other developers efforts now.

Hopefully someone else will step into the breach and develope some of the UK airports.

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Have you come across Macco Simulation? He’s got Manchester & Birmingham underway, and both are looking very good (although Manchester is more close to being finished, so is the best of the two at the moment). www.maccosim.com


Thank’s for Your Typically Thorough Review. You’re ‘The First to Go To’ before we buy Airport’s by the way.
We have purchased everything that this Talented Creator provided for FSX Gold but have Held Off buying any of his MFS 2020 offering’s.
We’re no expert’s as regard’s even the Slightest Understanding as to how these Clever People do what they do to provide us with additional Scenery and Aircraft.
This is just a suggestion, and UK 2000 can reject it as a proposition by all mean’s.
Perhap’s they might concentrate on Building Smaller UK Airport’s and exploit everything that the new MFS 2020 SDK has to offer.
We will most certainly Purchase these Airport’s and look forward to seeing them for Sale at a reasonable Price.

Thank’s again Filbert and also Kind Regard’s to UK 2000 in Anticipation.

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We’ve Checked out Macco’s Birmingham Airport.
So many Gifted People providing some excellent thing’s for our beloved Sim.


@FilbertFlies I saw your early access view video about a month ago. I’ll check it out today and will most likely buy. I like to support the developers that are really going the extra mile and Macco does certainly seem to be doing that.

@WristyLawyer204 Totally agree with your suggestion to UK2000. as with you, I would not profess to understand how difficult/hard, and time-consuming it must be to do even small airstrips, let alone large busy airports but when you see what Pilot plus, Burning Blue Designs, and Macco is able to do it makes me wonder if UK2000 are just having a harder time adapting to the newer toolsets in MSFS and the ever-changing aspects of the new sim and its SDK.


Sergio’s Barrow Alaska.
This is the Standard of Workmanship that we should expect from Pay Ware Seller’s.
All Sergio ask’s is the Price of a Cup of Coffee !

Yes, I 100% agree! I’ve just included it in my latest episode of Freeware Focus.


We’ve spent most of the last 2 evening’s enjoying some Brisk flying at Sergio’s Barrow.
Such amazing detail’s and especially the Piled up Snow along the Taxi Way’s and Runway.
This Guy evidently loves his Work and is very happy to Gift the Community these Fine Airport’s.

ps. UK 2000 Bristol in the Marketplace and at a very Reasonable Price !
We’re quite tempted but will await the World Update UK before purchasing.