REX Global Airport Textures & BlackSquare Real Taxiways Conflict

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I just noticed (since SU8) but now wondering if I missed it, that all of the paint on the runways and taxiways look brand new.

I use REX Global Airport Textures and have it set to used.

I renamed my Community folder and created a new one, then only copied over the REX textures and it was back to fine. So I started adding stuff in that I thought could conflict one by one until I found it.

BlackSquare Real Taxiways. As soon as this was added back in the paint went back to brand new looking. I did some further testing (as I have both the US and Optional Textures for outside the US instaled) and it appears the conflict is only with the Optional ones. As soon as that is introduced both US and non US airports go back to brand new paint.

Wondering if anyone noticed this before SU8? I think I would have noticed but now I’m not so sure. I’ll reach out to BlackSquare as well (already talked to REX and they indicated that SU8 did affect their other products but not the Global Airport Textures).



I just went back and re-read the product descriptions and don’t think this is actually an issue (I mean it is a conflict) but I think that would be expected and I was missunerstanding the product.

The BlackSquare Real Taxiways US & Non Towered airports works awesome and the taxiway signs are really nice.

Then there is another package that comes with it “optional textures” which I missunderstood to be generic signs for outside of the US, is actually textures which include paint / lines and of course would interfere with REX.

New textures

  • All signs
  • Runway entry markings
  • All painted lines
  • Dark sign backs

Easy fix, remove the optional package and all is good.

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