Rex releases Global Airport Textures

a program like that, changing textures all over the world, there are bound to be a few
issues, in my expereince rex textures are always very high quality, if yoiu want it, go for it and dont worry too much, any real issues will be solved.

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Thanks for the hint. But it’s not only that. A little bit more information from @RM10GoSu would have been nice. For an instance do these glitches occur only at one airport and if so was it a payware scenery? Or are they everywhere? Does he have other mods installed that could have caused these glitches?

Yes glitches could occur with a mod like this but to what extend? If @RM10GoSu says the mod is not worth it these glitches must be everywhere. So I would like to see them for myself or at least get more information about it. :wink:

havent had that bug personnaly

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It appears having this installed causes CTD with the new landing challenge… same with Zinertek


I was having CTD’s with the landing challenge too, but the updated version released overnight has fixed this for me. All working fine again now.

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As of July 20, 2021 Microsoft/Asobo is recommending removing REX Global Airport Textures IF you are having CTDs. I have CTDs with certain airports (mostly small/medium) and removing REX Global Airport Textures stopped CTD. " Solution: Remove REX Real Global Airport Textures, Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics".

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At least for Zinertek, I thought they fixed the issues in their V2 version already.

So which versions do you exactly have issues with?

July 24 update: I may have solved the CTD with REX Global Airport Textures by deleting and resetting my cache. I have completed about 10 flights with no CTD. Might be worth a try? :grin:

Same problem.Will remove and revert to default! Also own Zinertek.Will see if that’s more stable.

Zinertek v2 fixed the ctd issue indeed and can be safely used.

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Mine says 1.6 on simmarket.Same version? probably not.

That’s an old one

That’s the latest version shown on simmarket.

You can buy v2 for 0 usd. If you add it to the cart with the same account it should work.

A bit strange way to update but it works :wink:

Thanks for letting me know!

I’ve had no problems whatsoever with v2.

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Anyone here ever purchased the Rex Global textures from Rex simulations? Been looking for some reviews but no luck. Wanted to see if it was worth it. Looks like it makes airports, taxiways, gates apron more realistic with oil stains, cracks, and rubber on heavy use runways.

I like the add on textures for exactly the reasons you mention.

Oil stains and cracks and brake marks and just looking used in general.

They even made it so the gate aprons arent looking all the same.
So if you look at the gate next to where you are its different X)

Def recommendable.

Blue skies!

Thanks any CTD issues you have had? I noticed another topic was discussing this. I’m a little afraid to install then running into problems where I have to re install the entire sim to get things like normal again.