Rex releases Global Airport Textures

REX Real Global Airport Textures for Microsoft Flight Simulator (

Looks interesting. I am gonna wait for some reviews before I try this. I have Zinertek’s HD Airport textures, but this seems more comprehensive. It’s also highly customizable. I am not sure I want to customize anything. :wink:


Thinking of getting this. Looks a lot better than Zinertek’s option (which I do own, but can’t say I’m overly happy with making that purchase.)
Hopefully this lives up to what I know and would hope(/expect) of REX; having been along for the ride all the way back to their original release, a long time ago now.


If you get it, let me know what ya think! I may go for it too if I hear enough good things. I have their Rex WeatherForce, but haven’t installed it in months - I prefer default weather system BY FAR!

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Will definitley let you know my thoughts on it, espesically in regard to the Zinertek option.

I also have the Weather Force app but haven’t used it for a LONG time as well, for the same reason. Was worth the shot in the begining… and it was giving me more acurate weather… but, now the default live weather engine is showing me what I can see out my window and doesn’t have all the stuttering issues amongst a few other ones that Weather Force has.

Edit: Bit the bullet and am downloading now :slight_smile:


So im not the only one not thrilled with that one

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Have the Zinertek version as well and the developer mention they are updates coming.
May consider getting this.
The screenshots are very convincing and looks better than Zinertek.

Okay… so this is an extremely quick 1st impressions as I have just loaded up at a default airport, had a quick taxi around and fly over in the Top Rudder 103… this is EVERYTHING I was hoping the Zinertek to be, except way better! The textures are crisper and clearer and overall look a lot more realistic. We have 2 options for taxiway markings (New/Used… I have selected used) and 2 for runways (Light/Heavy… I have selected heavy)

I am impressed by these textures to say the least! They appear natural in the airport environment and remind me of the many many real world counterparts I have seen over the years.
It just has been executed in a way that has actually brought a smile to my face upon 1st load, where the Zinertek brought some slight level of confusion and a fair chunk dissatisfaction (also on that products 1st load).

From the short 10/15mins I have spent so far having a look around YPJT, I have to say a couple of things…

  1. If you have not purchased the Zinertek option… Don’t… Get this one! You will be much happier with the purchase.
  2. If you have purchased the Zinertek option (like I did, just over 6months ago now) I would highly suggest thinking about ‘upgrading’ to this product from REX.

I for one am actually happy with this purchase even knowing I am now AUD$25ish “out of pocket” from the Zinertek purchase even if I have gotten 6mths of use from it, it is now forever in the ‘not getting used again’ pile. It just doesn’t hold up next to this offering from REX.

Time to go spend a bit more time checking these out in more than one location to get a better picture overall… but, I am very satisfied with biting the bullet and buying this one!


Nice. Will get it first thing over the weekend. Was not fully satisfied with Zinertek either. I found some of the textures were out of place at some airports but the dev did say they’d fix it which I emailed more than a month ago.

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Thanks for biting the bullet mate…your’ve sold me.

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How does it work with other add on airports?

For example if I installed a freeware airport where only buildings are handcrafted, will Rex work? Or if the addon airport has custom taxiway textures will Rex overwrite it, conflict, or not work?


If it is using ‘default’ textures/markings for the taxiways/runways then it will use REX textures (most frerewares.) If the addon airport (as most paywares tend to be) have custom ground textures/markings it will be using those and not the ones from REX. (I have just double checked this for you by loading into a few custom sceneries, both freeware and payware.)
No conflicts whatsoever from these quick tests across a dozen airports (6 free + 6 Pay). It definitely has really enhanced those freeware airports!


Sounds great. Thanks for this!

Now I’m just going to have a serious conversion with my wallet and see if we will both agree to buy it.

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thanks for quick review. I also own Zinertek but going to switch to Rex!

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This sounds great…I think I will take the plunge and buy also. I know Rex are a partner of Orbx, therefore their prior products have been available via Orbx Direct. I love their service as a quick and simple way of keeping your products up to date. Would anyone happen to have any insight as to whether this will be sold via Orbx Direct shortly? I guess we can all speculate, but would anyone have any news?

No news on my end. I was also thinking of waiting to see this pop up on Orbx but decided to just take the plunge and get it direct through REX.


Yeah I am probably gonna wait until they are on Orbx and get them then.


I have just dropped a note on their forum, so hopefully will get a response soon :slight_smile:

Rex is also offering $7.95 off if you buy this and Weather Force 2020…

until the sim reaches a certain point of fixes and updates,i don’t touch these kind of addons cause i fear for the worst when it comes to future proof non CTD etc sim experience.

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Have just purchased it…installed Rex Axis…downloaded…but programme will not installl…keeps asking for a “bootstrap”…I am an oldy…am just used to downloading and installing…not going through this rigmaroll…can someone please point me in the right direction…