REX Weather Force 2020 - Usability + World Map Data + Direct Warp Questions

I have some questions regarding the usability of that App

REX Weather Force 2020

With all Videos i saw no one mentioned how the App behaves once i close MSF 2020 and restart the App.

  • Do you alltime have to first load your Locaton on a MAP, prepare for flight and then click Inject in this App to even get access of current weather Data?

  • Do you alltime have to reset to SUNNY without Clouds allime each time you switch a location?

  • How can it be used with all Locatons worldwide then with up to date Weather Data ?
    I saw you can add like 10 FAV Airports and that is it?
    How can i use the App with Locations, which are not part of the Favorites then, like if i
    just select a location from the Globe?

And a question about the Weather Search:

Once i search for Storm as an example.
The App shows locations which has Storms currently.

  • Can i direct warp to this locations then like it is in FS Playground’s live weather Search Feature or how do i access such
    live Weather location(s) with my for example Storms then ?
  1. Yes, it cannot inject the weather until it knows your location. (They make it pretty easy though)
  2. Yes, same as the first question.
  3. You can view every single METAR from the app. You can only have 10 favorites.

Last question, I’m not sure. I assume you have to load up right at the location that has that weather.

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As for the last question, it will inject the weather to whatever location you are currently at. You can also create weather where you are if you do not choose LIVE in the program. Although you can only save 10 favorites, it is very easy to delete and add locations as you go. You can easily and quickly look up any METAR at any time during flight or while on ground and even if you are not currently using the program in the sim (When the Sim update came out Rex crashed the sim when using, but update in REX has solved this. I would still use METARs in the REX to see what was happening in the real world weather for the sim.)

Rex will display the closest METAR to you while in flight
In my opinion it is well worth the cost.


Thx a lot both of you for the quick replies :slight_smile: