REX Weather Force + live snow and ice

MSFS latest patch notes state ‘live weather is enhanced with meteo blue data to include ice and snow coverage’ sounding like this is only available in the ‘live weather mode’ - I read Rex WF 1.3 will have option to load ground snow if it’s currently snowing, and keep terrain snow during flight if there’s snow at departure airport…

What does this mean for those us who prefer the way Rex handles weather in the sky, but would rather see deep snow and ice on the ground where it should be, even if it hasn’t been snowing for weeks…? Is it going to be possible for Rex to use the live snow depth and temperature data to render snow and ice on the ground correctly even under crisp clear winter skies?

If not I’d personally prefer the immersion of flying over white ground in MSFS live weather to slightly more realistic weather (in the sky) with Rex WF. Any thoughts?


Bumping: It’s been a few weeks since the MSFS snow update - has anyone had experiences with Snow outside of snowy conditions with REX? I’ve flown over the Catskills showing snow (started in Bahamas with none - obviously), and it vanished when I got to Maine. But… There was a light cloud layer so not sure if Rex will render snow under clear skies based on depth data not precipitation data…

In what way do you prefer rex working over live weather?

Curious as I did try Rex and didn’t like how it could go from scattered clouds to zero in a little time and you see them load in,

I would highly suggest you run msfs as administrator and activate live weather, been doing it this way for the last month and my weather is matching real world and vatsim, sometimes qnh can be slightly out and by that I mean metar could be showing 1018 and it’s actually 1017 in game

But in general it’s been good for me since running as admin, and I only fly on the vatsim network

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Getting snow here since using the latest beta. Some locations have had trouble, but as stated on the REX Discord, the devs are working on tightening up things.

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Honestly I think it comes down to the rendering - I’ve seen so many different types of clouds, multiple layers and thicknesses… I just tend to prefer the way Rex looks, if you will. The loading is an issue, I actually have my weather load fully at 15 min intervals as the rex dynamic weather kills my FPS. Will try admin and live weather though, thanks for the tip.

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Ah okay, no worries buddy, yeah have a go see if it work for you and let me know, I’ve told some people the same and it’s worked and others not which is strange

So it will be nice to know how it goes for you

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Started a flight from London City to Sofia with MS live weather - so far so good, the cloud levels match what I can see on meteoblue, and the winds seem right… Far more impressed than after a couple of weeks of MSFS when I needed Rex to make things right. Will stick with live weather and see how it treats other types of conditions. I forgot to start as admin but it seems to be working well. Will look out for snow over the Alps and see how it handles that.

Edit: Disaster. Made it to the Hungarian border and suffered first CTD in months :frowning: - I’ll resist blaming it on the live weather!

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Hopefully it’s not weather related I’ve managed to avoid any crash to desktops keep trying and see how it goes

Apart from your crash to desktop I’m happy to hear it’s working better for you now , keep me updated

I’ve been using MSFS live weather for a week now, very impressed. No CTD since Hungary above. The snow around Hudson Bay is spot on, and storms look much better now. Still get some rogue forks flashing across mostly clear skies, but a lot less than we used to.

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That’s great to hear buddy, still launching as admin or is it behaving well just launching normally?

Kind regards

100% normal launch.


Been snowing for days around EKCH and there is snow on the ground - with live weather there is absolutely no sign of snow anywhere.
Don’t even think there is snow in ESSA… So please fix…
There is a world outside the US.

Try the above remedy for getting accurate live weather by running as administrator