Riddlez Interactive New Plymouth

Quite a few near completion teasers of New Plymouth, NZNP have been published recently from Riddles Interactive, a well known member of the NZ flight simulation scene.

The upcoming scenery features a coastal regional airport on the North Island’s West Coast, famous for its crosswind conditions and featuring a brand new terminal that was only just recently completed in the real world.

Can’t wait for this one to drop- NZ is certainly punching well above it’s weight when it comes to the amount of scenery addons we have in the world of MSFS!

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Hopefully this isn’t too stupid a question from a relatively new MSFS user on an Xbox…

How does one view the interior of an airport?

The level of detail on that interior is stunning! Above and beyond!!!

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there are no stupid questions :slight_smile:
Drone cam is the answer.


I love Riddlez since the P3D version of Bellingham. Will definitely buy all of their sceneries. Great to see them finally back :slight_smile:

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hey just discovered this. is it released yet? i see last post from october

@SinfulDanTheMan I from him last week, he’s still working on it apparently!

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wow! long dev time. sure it’ll be epic