Ridge Soaring on a wooded Hillside doesn't seem to Work

so I’m trying to fly Porta Westfalica and Bezmiechowa on the South Side using a Pre-Set using Winds coming from 180° at about 10kts, no Gusts.
Before the Glider Update this worked fine and was a relaxing Cruise.
But now all I get is some shaking and no climbing at all, even at 25kts+ unless I get to a clear Area without Trees.
Porta Westfalica and the Hills in Southern Poland are Legendary Spots for Ridge Soaring and yet have Forests.
Am I maybe doing something wrong?

You may be onto something here, just last night I was struggling staying up in this race: https://albatross-racing.club/event/race-165-grenoble/, with 15-20 knots wind blowing directly onto steep hills where I’d expect going up like a rocket everywhere, instead, I got some intermittent strong lift mixed with a lot of sinking.

I saw this in other races/tasks created well before SU11, ridge lift did not seem to work as I expected but thought it is just my incompetence. I have not flown gliders in FS2020 before SU11 so have no comparison.