Rift S - Fix for relatively good performance!

So I don’t know how or why. But after enabling the opt-in for beta versions in oculus settings, fs2020 now runs quite smoothly. You do this by going to settings → beta → turn on public test channel.

There are some stutters here and there, but the performance is much better! Even with the newest nvidia driver. Plus it somehow fixed the FOV stencil and mouse cursor placement.

I run fs2020 on desktop in a small windowed mode, don’t know if that does anything. But it feels wrong to have it render the entire screen.

My specs:

  • ryzen 3900x @ 4,1Ghz
  • RTX2080 Super
  • 32gb ddr4-3600 ram
  • 1tb NVME SSD

I run at these settings:

With oculus tray tool running at:
Supersampling: 1.3
asw: 30hz

Did this help anyone else as well?

Using a Rift S. I only managed 5fps increase to asw @ 30hz from ASW off @ forced 45. managed to crank it to 1.5 ss before performance got rough. 1.3 seems to be about right, maybe 1.2 if you want that little extra. But i also was able to push in game render res to 100% w/ TAA

I’m always playing around Texture Res, Texture SS and Texture Synthesis and i can never decide what i like the most.

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