Rift S keeps freezing on windows store version

As the title says, getting the game to work with a rift s on the windows store version is a pain. 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t switch properly and the other one time it spazzes out before oculus home tells me ‘something went wrong and your device can’t track the movement of your headset’ or ‘you headset’s display port cable isn’t plugged in’.

I have a feeling it has to do with that you have to manually go into vr mode that confuses the headset, anyone have any ideas?

no response but me i have a yellow screen in the oculus riftS and 1 windows on my pricncipal screen following mouvement. impossible to desactivate the vr MODE.
i lose conection display port too.
hard reset with button , cant leave the double screen on my principal screen.

Heard the yellow screen can be fixed by disabling HDR mode

humm HDR in windows or in game , it s already desactivate in game.i’ll try now in windows10 parameters.

desactivate HDR in windows10 parameters and in game same thing…

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