Rift S vs. Reverb G2

Hi Guys,
I´ve been using my Rift S for a while now in MSFS. With my specs of i5/10400F + 3700rtx + 32GB i am not really satisfied with the VR image I am getting. Things like buildings and the overall picture is blurry and I have with SS 1.0 (no OTT) and 80% render scale and all other settings on high only 30fps.

I am thinking of upgrading to a G2, is it worth the price? Or is it just a graphic adjustment problem?

Thanks for your input

If you buy a g2 be prepared for possible problems .The cable supplied with some units can go and you could be spending alot of time ironing out problems ie,blackouts ,and numerous other glitches that come and go.Be aware of ctd issues that may occur.Its not a deal breaker but just be aware the g2 isn’t perfect by a long stretch.
If you have the time to fix the issues it could turn out to be a good headset,and who knows with a bit of luck, the ctd issues may be fixed one day.Thats not to say you will get them,you may not.

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Concur with Stretch on this one.

I have the g2 as well and it worked great up until this week when the cable failed. HP has addressed so I am happy with the support with taking care of the issue quickly and will be dispatching a new cable to me in the next two weeks. I too had the Rift S and the image quality is night and day. It should work well based on your specs but some options will need to be turned down a bit. I have a 9700k 64GB Ram and a 3090 and still have to turn some things down to get good performance.

Overall I do like the G2 I think you would enjoy the upgrade overall.

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I have the G2 as well. I would recommend doing a bit of research on the “G2 sweet spot”. There are hardware hacks to alleviate the problem, but it’s best to go in with “eyes wide open” so to speak.

I use the rift s with the a320 100 render scale. Its perfect no issues. 80% will be very blurry but 100 is fine

I can confirm the issues with the G2, It died some days ago, investigation in on going.

But it is certain a pretty cool headset. Unfortunately I cannot compare to other since this was first VR headset, but I enjoy it very much

Rift S has a superb pixel arrangement and makes the best out of the lower resolution as compared to other headsets.

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