Right hand Drive vehicles at USA Airports

OK, so this may be the ultimate in Nit-Picking but “It just ruined my IMMERSION” !! j/k

Devs should make sure that their Airport vehicles have the steering wheel on the correct side, for the Country that the airport resides in…

Just landed at KDCA (USA), and walking around, I notice that all the vehicles I came across, driving around or parked, are RIGHT Hand Drive !!

Almost ALL Vehicles in the USA are LEFT hand Drive.
(mayb e a few exceptions for special vehicles, or imports)

May be Asobo, or maybe 3PD’s addons scenery for KDCA.
(will check later)


My initial guess would be probably not Asobo, as France isn’t a right hand drive country.

From Wikipedia (Left- and right-hand traffic - Wikipedia):

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I need to check is the vehicles I see at KDCA are from the base sim, or from an addon 3PD like Drzewiecki Design
(Poland – a country like most, with Left had Drive, like the USA)

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France is the same as USA. Steering wheel is on the left (Left hand drive), and the car drives on the RIGHT side of the road, so the driver is on the Center of the road size…

So, USA, France, Poland etc are all the same, with the steering wheel on the LEFT, so where do all these MSFS Models come from with steering wheel on the Right hand side.,

Some Prolific UK , Australian or India based 3PD ??

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I agree with the Topic Author. I mean if the vehicles are constantly driving on taxiways and into/through my aircraft, at least the position of the steering wheel should be correct.
It’s little details like this or the fact that the sim still does not reflect the change from summer to winter schedule of the New York City Subway System that are annoying. (my pet peeve)
Then again, if we can talk about little things like this, the sim as a whole must be in pretty good shape.

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The US postal service uses right hand drive delivery vehicles. Nearest side to mail boxes :wink:

Install this and carry on.


Just use a dark tint on the windows. All will be fine.

Not mine. I’m in Michigan and the Postal Driver controls the vehicle from the right side, but all of the controls are on the left side. (yes, she drives from the passengers seat)

A little of topic, but does anyone know why some countries drive on the left side of the road. I was once given a reason by a bunch of British guys when we were working together in Germany. It made perfect sense to me.

Most countries that drive on the left have been linked to Britain/UK in one way or another.

Provided that I don’t scolded for going off topic, I will give the reason in a few days.

I heard it was way back in the French/British rivalry beginnings with horse and carts. The Brits had the door on their cart on the left so the French put it on the right, or vice versa. That required them to use different sides of the road to board.

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The practice is believed to date back to ancient Rome. Romans steered their carts and chariots with the left hand, to free up the right so they could use weapons to defend against enemy attacks.

This carried over into medieval Europe and in 1773, the British government passed measures to make left-hand traffic the law. But postrevolution France favored the right.

Napoleon was left-handed, and riding on the right proved to be an intimidating military tactic. Britain and France brought their driving styles to their respective colonies. That’s why many former British territories are among the few modern left-hand-traffic countries.

In the US, right-hand traffic goes back to the 18th century. Freight wagons were pulled by teams of horses. and the drivers rode on the left rear horse, using their right hand to more easily control the team. Traffic shifted to the right so drivers could easily avoid collisions.

But NONE of that explains why MSFS seems to have so many Vehicles incorrect !!


I own the mods for traffic at airport pretty much all over the world. I will take a look and see what my vehicles show.

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My youngest (8) told me last year

“In Canada we drive on the right side of the road, in England they drive on the left side of the road. And in Russia, ROAD IS ROAD!”

Made sense to me!


KDCA (USA) with empty Community Folder.

Only World Updates for USA Installed. Premium/deluxe version

On Current Beta. (12/9/2022)

This USA airport has a MIX of RHD & LHD vehicles.

In general, Fuel Trucks & Buses are correctly LHD. :+1:

Other vehicles, trucks etc are Incorrectly RHD. :-1:

So it looks like this is at least an Asobo bug …? :sunglasses:

(Did Asobo SUB out a lot of the Vehicle development to India – (RHD Country, or Orbx : Australia, also RHD Country ))