Right mouse click cockpit camera is moving back to the cockpit view

I am facing one issue with my camera set up. All is on default setting. When I right click my mouse and hover in the cockpit, the camera keeps coming back to the default cockpit view. I would like it to stay locked if I release my right click on the mouse, but I am unable to do so. Also what are the key bindings for panning camera in pitch up and down. I could look left, right, up, down, forwar, backward, but didnt find any key for pitching cam up and down.

I believe in Options / General / Camera / Cockpit Camera you need to set Free Look Reset to “Manual”. You might also need to play with Free Look Mode.

I have Free Look Mode set to “Toggle” and Free Look Reset set to “Manual” and my free look stays where I set it.

Sartanius´s advice works! I had the same issue. Thank you very much!