Rio de Janeiro problem?

Flew from Jobim airport today in Rio. Noticed that Christ the Redeemer statue was waist deep in the mountain surrounded by trees. What’s up? Is this the result of the latest update? If you have the same thing, please let me know. If not, how can I correct this scenery anomaly?

Think this has been that way since release.

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The statue should also be iluminated at night, which I think doesn’t happen on MSFS.

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Look at my pic and compare please.
This is from day 1 release, max settings

That’s day 1. What’s it like today?

When I flew there about a week or so ago, the statue was buried. Then it instantly unburied itself as I was flying around with the drone camera. Maybe things loading/rendering too slow?

I see the same thing. It looks like a Draw Distance/LOD issue. Setting everything to Ultra may help, but on my rig, frames would suffer. It’s not horrible, and the last LOD seems to load while I’m still about a mile away. I can live with it.

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Everything is on ULTRA on my system. I’ll fly around a little a see if it comes back to normal size. Unfortunately, it’s great to be able to see it from a distance. The way it is now, all I can see is a mountain with trees. It isn’t until I’m up close that I see the half-buried statue.

I did my test with a close pass in the XCub.

I had the same thing happen that the statue was buried, i fixed it by resetting/deleting the rolling cache.


I fixed it finally. I did it by putting Vsync on.

Does anyone else have this issue when flying in Rio? When you fly up close you can see its head and upper shoulders but just barely. Definitely can’t be seen from a distance.

As I recall this historic landmark was one of the first destinations I flew to when FS2020 was released, and it looked just fine. I’ll look again tonight.

clear your manual and/or rolling cache.

I’ll try that. Thank you!

It worked. Thank you so much! The places where I did manual caching actually seem more detailed and look even better interestingly enough as well.

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