Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) handcrafted airport: Broken taxiway bridge near the beginning of runway 10

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Incorrect height of taxiway bridge on SBGL (on both sides of the taxiway)

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The bridge is near the beginning of runway 10.
Taxi to runway 10 from the terminal and you will have to taxi over it.

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Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?
Yes, today ticket #102004. Previously tickets # 86921, 88543 and 89452, all on version
Additional tickets #103291, 103683 and and another one on May/03/21, all on Problem has existed and has been reported since product launch. SBGL is supposed to be a “detailed” airport.
Problem persists in, ticket # 106626 submitted on May/27/21.
Problem persists in, another ticket (the tenth one since early January) raised on Jun/17/21.
Problem persists in
Problem still there on
Problem persists in

When you say, “structures”, you mean that the ground is elevated on the bridge. Is that correct?

Yes, more recently just on one side, way back it was on both sides.
I have submitted a number of bug reports on this issue (# 86921, 88543, 89452, 100026, 102004, 104517, 106626 and 108630) and you can find screenshots and video clips on them. I would suggest looking at attachments on reports # 100026, 89452, 88543 in particular as I have included pictures from Google maps in those that may facilitate locating them.
It used to cause a crash on the early days but more recently it does not.
I always found it annoying as SBGL was one of the handcrafted airports in the initial release but it seems it did not get much attention after that.
There are also a number of places in the taxiways where there are strange changes in level that I suspect are not real.

If you need any additional info please feel free to contact me.


Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, moderators can’t see Zendesk, but I know your frustration. I’ve logged tons of bugs like that, too.
I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to edit your bug report slightly.

Fixed in SU12: Release Notes - Sim Update 12 [] Available Now