Rip out tooltips

How to uproot annoying, funeral-looking plaque tooltips?

You can disable them …

I am pretty sure you can always disable tool tips :smile:

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How !? Please show me where this button is !?
that on the screen does not work

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I also thought initially that the Tooltips setting is related to the ones in-sim but it is not. It’s for the UI.

I do not know how to disable cockpit tooltips. Maybe some config somewhere has a setting not available in the UI.

But I agree, this is an interesting option to have in the menus. I think also an option to reduce the font size of the tooltips could be a good option as well.

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Odd, it seems like that feature doesn’t work.

I would

A: Submit a Zendesk request, perhaps they have further instructions on how to disable tooltips

B Create a post in #self-service:wishlist. Perhaps this feature is currently not available, so it would be best to post it here and bring it to the attention of the devs.

You cannot disable those tooltips right now. Hopefully they add an option in an update. Right now, we just have to live with it.

What audience Microsoft is targeting is clear. But this is overkill! If the pilot doesn’t know how to retract the landing gear, it’s the chauffeur!
And hints hide essential flight information and controls. They simply interfere with the control of the aircraft.


The ability to silence the pop up boxes known as tooltips when hovering the mouse over controls and gauges is essential to maintain immersion. Please give us the option to remove them, thank you.

There is already a thread in #self-service:wishlist with this feature request, feel free to add your voices here: Ability to remove tooltips in cockpit

Yup, doesn’t work.