Rising smoke from industrial buildings, stacks and power plants

In real life rising smoke is a great indicator for determining wind direction in flight.

I wish there was smoke coming out of stacks from some industrial buildings and power plants (who produce smoke almost all the time) and under certain conditions also from non commercial buildings because of heating systems in winter.

Ideally effects vary with weather conditions. So on cold days more buildings produce this effect, whereas on warmer days only the industrial buildings would.

That would be great, never seen that in any other sim so far


That sounds like a brilliant idea!

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Oh, it’s over year’s in DCS. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, good idea and great for VFR.

You’ve got my vote.

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The smoke would make a great substitute for the windsocks we can’t see from the air.

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DCS - Digital Combat Simulator


Thanks for upvoting this idea so far!!!

Seeing realistic smoke rising from towns and cities would help so much to make the world feel more alive.

EDIT: It’s now possible!