River altitude - Raised waterway (Not Ground Spikes)

Victoria Falls (in Zimbabwe) is also messed up like this

Looks like they fixed it :+1:

Noticed Erbo River incorrect elevation today, hope it’s fixed in next weeks World Update

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Another type of elevation failure.
Vertical plumes.
I hope they fix it, it’s a shame.

They are calling those spikes.
They are to be corrected with this weeks “World Update#3”
See item #2 below.

Thanks for the info.

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Pyramid Peak Altitude Errors near Graywood Ranch.
I don’t know, if they will be corrected in the next update.

Yes, according to ASOBO, they found what was causing these type of glitches, and the “fix” has been included with World Update 3.

Thanks for the info.

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Coordinates : 40.788317248716886, 0.5026992971150297

According to the last MS.Asobo twitch video update this should be fixed in the upcoming update, probably next thursday.

Yes, it is a known bug. In Frankfurt, the light of the city at night simply “fly” over the city like a bunch of UFO around airport. It is…beautiful haha

I check this area after World Update 3 UK and looks like it’s fixed!

This is fixed now. Thank you!