River altitude - Raised waterway (Not Ground Spikes)

Ebro river in Zaragoza with massive altitude bug.

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Those are some quality photos! Are you getting 53 FPS? :slight_smile:

When you come across areas like this, try to get the coordinates (can use Bing or Google maps) and submit that information to zendesk. Zendesk is a bug tracker the developers use:


The entire Ebro river is bugged after the last update.

It’s not a bug.

Winter is coming. The Night’s Watch men built the wall to protect Westeroza from the White Walkers.


It’s actually an ancient Roman aqueduct that mysteriously re-appeared after all those centuries.


Yes it’s a bug, well discussed elsewhere - search on “spikes”, you may have noticed other scenery glitches as well. Known to the devs and there is even a TP addon to sort it for now, maybe we’ll get a hotfix, or maybe not!

It is #2 on the bug list, but they haven’t set a release date yet.

Wow! Whats that man???

If you are asking about that chart, it is included in every development update, which is found in this forum under Community, News & Announcements.

Really I’m asking about the EBRO River LOD mega bug!!!:rofl:

The cynic in me wonders if maybe that was deliberate, maybe by someone with a strange sense of humour? It’s a lot bigger than the other reported glitches.

Nah, someone like Asobo/Microsoft wouldn’t do that - would they…?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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I still think it’s an ancient roman aqueduct finally shown as it was.

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River Ebro (Spain) at its mouth in the Mediterranean Sea.
It goes 100 meters high. Amazing!! but true.
I hope they fix it soon.
It is the largest river in Spain.

Yes, the same here. Hope this can be fixed

Similar problems, all over the world. But not so bad like in the above picture.
With every “update” FS 2020 gets worse and worse!! At the beginning there where no graphic issues like this.

Here is a good fix:

Thanks for the solution.
Anyway, I have already issued the error to ASOBO. I hope they take care of fixing it soon.

More fluff errors appear.
Now, from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.

I submitted a ticked on zendesk #91328.

What happens is that small lakes, etc rise beyond the terrain radius, and form towers, spikes, plateaus, etc… It is likely part of the spike bug, likely related to water creeping up coastlines - somehow the game currently does not render distant altitude levels for waterbodies well, or the borders between land and water.

It is best visible around WP1 of the US east coast discovery flight. (You can download the flightplan online.)

It is very, very immersion breaking to say the least. I checked the bug section, but I haven’t seen a separate mention yet. If it is just part of the spikes bug, please move, dear Moderators. However imo it is noteable that this is related to waterbodies and deserves likely extra attention.

What also happens is that wider rivers with an altitude inclination will form “rolling steps”, usually with 1 step rolling further out, the closer the player approaches. Sometimes the inclination will also be a fixed step in the river-like waterbody.

I hope these, the water creeping up the coast and the general spikes and mountain/ object morphing get a high priority, they are the most striking and most immersion breaking visual bugs at the moment.

Thank you!

Attached please find screenshots, all taken at WP 1 of the US discovery Tour (just north of NYC). It happens everywhere though, but the US seems affected the most.

Towers, spikes, etc:

“Steps” in river like waterbodies:

More large towers in the distance, combined with the “water creeping up coastlines” bug it seems: