If you fly the approach into Iwakuni in Japan it would appear the ILS does not line up with the runway heading. I didn’t take a note of the heading I was flying to follow the glidescope but I would guess it was about 10-15 degrees offset. It appeared that the glidepath would bring you to the end of the runway but you would have been pointing about 15 degrees to the left of the centreline.

There is nothing on the approach plate to suggest that this is correct but could someone else fly it before I report it to Zendesk?

The approach chart says Offset Localizer and you can see the symbol is offset slightly to the left of the runway.

In the sim it’s not offset by any degrees since the localizer has the same CRZ as RWY, but it is offset/displaced laterally to the left.

Check the chart and google map image below:

Sorry, but that´s not 100% correct:

Correct is, that this is an offset approach and the offset is approx. 1.5° … The runway course for 02 is 15°, the approach course for ILS 02 is 14° that means it can´t be parallel and it makes also no sense because an offset approach MUST (in nearly 99% of cases) cross the runway centerline somewhere before the threshold but it can´t never, ever been parallel

Thats an issue in the sim and the default data. Here you see the correct offset approach with our data (red line is the ILS course 14°, green the runway course):

Again, this is a bug in the sim


Thanks Richard, that would make sense as I was using the Navigraph data.

FFS but I was looking for this and couldn’t see it even though it was straight in front of me. Thanks.

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Very informative response, thx!
Yes that’s what my charts said too.

But as I flew the approach in MSFS and when centering the needles, the aircraft was aligned with a straight line to the Localizer Antenna parallell to the runway between the centerline and TWY B
(Without intersecting the centerline, see screenshot below)
Which is why I assumed they for some reason had parallel CRZ / RWY HDG. (Which I totally agree doesn’t make any sense at all)

I haven’t encountered this bug before… To clarify: Do you mean that the MSFS bug is parallell (non intersecting) LOC CRZ / RWY HDG data where it shouldn’t be?

Yes, I believe that was the point that was made. I presume you are using the default data which parallels the runway. Using the Navigraph data the ILS bisects the centreline at the front edge of the runway meaning you are approaching it from the right as opposed to, in your case, the left. My issue was that I hadn’t noticed that the runway WAS marked as an offset. Duh! :wink:

Absolutely correct … Some approaches are corrected manuall, but the most offset approaches are parallel to the runway which is false.