RJTT Tokyo runway hill/mound issue


Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version?MS Xbox

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?no

Brief description of the issue:
Taxiway onto runway has a huge hill that you need to drive down.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

`Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:`just take off from airport

`PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:`

`Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:`all

It seems to me that maybe you have another scenery, as well as the Osobo one, I fly from here quite often and have never seen this. Another possibility is that something in your communty folder is causing this to happen.
[edit] just noticed that you’re on XBox so maybe that’s significant?

I don’t have that on PC either.
I too fly a lot from RJTT.
Also, bear in mind, you need to enter a Zendesk support request from the Support tab at the top of any page if you want this fixed.
Refer to this post in the request.
Once that is entered, the more votes you get here escalates the issue in the order of repair.
Asobo does not monitor the forum here for items to fix.

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Thanks guys, I wonder if this is an Xbox issue. I went back today and same thing there.

I hope the good weather continues there, it would make one heck of a river!

On a serious note, have you added anything from MSStore to the sim?
Are all the updates to the sim installed?

The only add on that I have is enhanced airport graphics. Every other airport in that area seems fine as I spent time landing on most of them. Very odd.
I better start using a float plane from here, lol

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Try it without the enhanced graphics, see if it makes a difference.

Will try removing and testing this. The only other thing different I have done recently was to remove the G1000 NXI. I will re-install that as well.

I can’t see the Garmin doing that.

No but that is the only change I made, ha ha. Just retracing my steps

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It is corrected on the SU8 Beta, RJTT is looking great