Road traffic crossing runway at EGNM

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No - xbox

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Road vehicle traffic crossing the runway at Leeds Bradford airport. Traffic does not go through the tunnel. An issue seen elsewhere where traffic drives on water rather than bridges etc.

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Happens continually, though I haven’t seen it befor SU10

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Xbox series X

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This is a bug since release.

Its only just started happening on the main runways at KLAX in the SU10 beta.

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I’d seen it on general roads before but not in airports

I’ve seen them on runways and taxiways since release, if there’s a tunnel or adjacent road then they can appear.

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Traffic crossing runways is happening a lot for me too. Haven’t noticed it prior to SU10.

Yeah I’m seeing this too @ RJTT, the northern side has cars running through the runway and taxiways on what was supposed to be a tunnel route. Some of the road traffic are driving sideways and backwards.

Lots of other places! OIZC is another example! There is heavy traffic at the end of the runway and there is actually a bridge over one of the taxiways none of which exist in the real life! Hope they fix these issues.

macco manchester aswell

This is marked as fixed as up Sim Update 10.