Road traffic hit or miss?

Sometimes its there on take off and landing, but mostly not. Just curious if this is a known bug? My settings should be fine for displaying traffic.

Are you taking off/landing at a dlc third party airport? If so, it’s possible the custom scenery interferes with road traffic.

Thanks … It’s anywhere. Never consistant, and most of the time I do not see road traffic, just occasionally. I am running the Google Maps Mod, maybe that’s the cause?

Just ran some tests without the Google Maps Mod… no difference.

Yea many roads just dont get recognized as roads by msfs so there will be no traffic. If there is traffic it will be on the same roads always.

Wow, that’s a pretty big issue, not recognizing many roads … so I guess final answer is that it is just buggy?

It depends of course on the satellite images used by msfs if roads do get recognized. As you might know quality of satellite imagery varies a lot depending on where you are flying.

My biggest issue with road traffic is the draw distance. You can clearly see the traffic spawn and disappear in a pretty small radius. Settings are maxed. Any workarounds for this?

defo a miss from me this one, lots of issues traffic spawn being a major one but also the quality of the roads and motorways themselves poor quality no road signs. I fly VFR in the Uk for real and use roads and train lines all the time to check where I am so they are super helpful and really important so they need some love please

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An absolute miss…

Indeed. X-Plane does a pretty good job with it but its procedurally generated rather than a satellite map.

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I don’t understand how there is sometimes traffic for me on small streets, yet highways appear to have no traffic whatsoever.