Road Traffic in VR appears translucent and not clear

Only recently enabled all my traffic settings in VR and was surprised at how poor road traffic in particular looked in VR. Almost transparent in some cases and not clear. Is this normal? Is there a fix?

Regards, Paul

I believe it’s by design, since your only supposed to see it from a distance and not up close. Cars and trucks are rendered that way to reduce processing load.

It’s an artifact from the TAA antialiasing when the traffic is far away enough to be only a few pixels in size. TAA sees it as aliasing/dot crawling and tries to eliminate it.

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Road traffic and trees are paper thin proximity transparent by desgn. It saves a ton of performance resource this way of rendering. As someone who loves to explore ground scenery its totally immersion breaking for me but it does look convincing from higher altitudes

And the winner is… @SimonJones7660! :crazy_face:


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