[BUG/FEATURE] TAA is transforming road traffic into ghosts (self-cancelling moving pixels)

Brief description of the issue:

The TAA implementation is based on pixel motion vectors (most likely). However this is causing any moving feature in the simulator self-canceling itself.

When in VR, it makes nearly all vehicles disappearing except big white trucks (they are slightly more visible due to the larger pixel footprint on the screen and TAA is “only” eroding the edges)

I believe this bug is also one of the reason people have been reporting road traffic doesn’t seem very crowded in 2D either.

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n/a (see below)

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

The nature of the TAA algorithm is self-explanatory as to why this is ghosting moving vehicles, nevertheless, to repro, just start FS2020 in VR with road traffic (try 100%), take off, fly over a highway at 1000ft to 2000ft AGL, and look through the cockpit window down below. Unless this is a specific bug on my system, which I doubt, there is no way you can’t see this.

I use TAA for VR as well and this isn’t something I have noticed before. All my road traffic looks fine in VR. I have just checked again and I am not seeing this issue- I can see all sizes of vehicles without any transparency. It seems to be an interesting bug! FYI I use Oculus rift CV1.

Edit: Update…I am actually seeing this issue at the altitudes you describe, but not below say 900 ft agl. I always assumed it was due to the poor resolution of the CV1

To me this is TAA motion vector pixel counter-canceling car pixel motion and therefore making them appearing “ghostly”. Because of how this works, it is eroding moving car pixels starting from the edges (bumpers, given the car pixel path), and it is making smaller cars even nearly invisible as a consequence.

I’ve tried capturing through the lens to show the difference. It is subtle and this might look like video compression artefact but it is not. Please make sure to watch these full screen

No AA:

The red car is suffering compress artefacts but white cars shape is clearly defined and just jiggling because there is no AA.


Clearly visible on the white car traversing the intersection from left to right. You can also notice a “green” car coming from the left road and driving near the trees, and I believe it is only appearing green because of TAA projecting the green leafs over the moving car pixels.

NB: These were shot at 1000ft AGL in order to get enough pixels on the video (the forum is limiting to 5MB and I don’t think I could have host a 4K file here because of this), but you can see cars from much higher altitude otherwise and in this case the ghosting is so strong it makes them nearly invisible when they’re moving fast.