Glowing Aircraft and Objects - Outline around aircraft or objects

You’re overlooking the fact that when the servers are switched off, you can’t even install. Then even an offline mode is of no use. Look around in the gaming world. How many servers are shut down because it’s no longer worth keeping them online? I hope it never comes to that, even though I have currently uninstalled the MFS again and prefer to use IL2BoS and DCS. I’ll take a look at the MFS again in 3 months. The current state of the MFS is simply depressing.

You can if you dedicate a server just for storage and installation, just like every other offline games. You don’t expect the server for the entire Microsoft store to get switched off, do you? We have access to old games in Steam that you can’t get anywhere else. You can’t play online with them anymore of course, but the single player aspect still remains. Just treat it as a install once, single player offline game without online functionality.

The thing about MSFS compared to any online game is that, MSFS has the potential to operate fully offline just like its predecessors, all it takes is a cutover process made by Microsoft that when they stop the server for online functionality, there should be a final patch that’s delivered to everyone to enable completely offline gaming.

That seems to be a tad bit dramatic don’t you think… it’s like you’re expecting a perfect product that always works 100% of the time without issues. But if that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel. I can understand that. I hope in three months time the sim will be able to match your high expectation. In the mean time, I’ll just appreciate what we already have instead of being upset at what we don’t have.

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I think your suggestion is the worst. Why would MS leave the servers, in case, online just for the installation? For offline functionality? The MFS then already doesn’t offer what it is made of (Bing, real weather, Azure ATC) and is then really nothing more than an FSX. Steam is also irrelevant. Steam only installs the launcher, all the rest for the MFS comes from the Asobo servers.

I don’t think we need to discuss that. My standards are not very high, but they are higher than the quality that Asobo delivers. You can recognise my standards from the games I have mentioned. Your standards seem to be very low. Good for you.

And no, I’m not being dramatic. I’m just very annoyed with this back and forth from Asobo. I currently prefer to use consistent flight platforms. The MFS currently has nothing to do with flight simulation. If I were dramatic, I would open a thread to that effect. Also, I’m not away from MFS, but reinstalling it again in 3 months to look. Either I’ll be convinced or I’ll take another 3-month break. All fine.

You’re not getting my point. You’re still looking at based on what it’s doing right now, rather than the potential of what it could do. You leave the servers online for installation with the same reason as any other store leave their servers online for installation. How do you think you can install Microsoft Office 365? How do you install Microsoft Store Apps like Solitaire, Minesweeper? The servers are there online to store a single master copy of the data, where users can just click “install” and they download the files from these servers. It’s just like FTP but with a bit more sophistication.

Yes, Steam currently only installs the launcher for MSFS. But that’s not my point. My point is that Steam behaves the same way with all of it’s other library of offline games. Take Mass Effect 3, they sell it on Steam and it has online multiplayer aspect. But if they take away the multiplayer server, the player won’t be able to access the online features, that’s true. But that doesn’t mean they can’t play Mass Effect 3 at all, because the single player aspect is still there, and it’s still playable even without internet connection. Steam only stores the game files, users just download the files to have it install and play completely offline afterwards.

MSFS can do the same, if they do end up shutting down the online servers for MSFS. Do a final patch which enables the sim to operate completely offline and independent from online servers. Yeah, you can get pretty much like FSX, but the graphics are still going to be using the current engine which is far better looking than FSX. Without Bing, then just use generic texture. Without real weather? implement an offline randomised dynamic weather. No Azure ATC? Use the Windows TTS.

Basically you’ll be flying the current sim, but with all the online option set to Off. It doesn’t fly as good as online, of course. But you can still fly.

I guess that’s just the difference between you and me. I’d rather choose half of something than none at all. A Flight sim that no longer has half of it’s functionality is still better than not having to fly the sim at all. So to me, if for some reason they decided to switch off the online server. Don’t take away the entire sim from us. Just let us fly the sim in completely offline mode, and I’m still going to be happy. I won’t be as happy as I would compared to having a fully functional online sim, but I’m still happier than having the sim completely unusable.

We are going in circles. You write:

And you can talk yourself into it and hope all you want. The final word is spoken by Microsoft. What you think it might be then is absolutely irrelevant.

So that we don’t go round in circles any more, I withdraw. We found out that my expectations are not high, but that I expect a flight simulator. We have found out that you are very satisfied with the MFS because you have low demands. And we found out that you would also be satisfied with an MFS that was further reduced functionally. I wouldn’t be, so let’s draw a line here. Otherwise this will go on forever.

By the way: Support for Microsoft Flight was discontinued in 2012. Microsoft supported the product for a whole 2 years before it was discontinued and they said goodbye to the flight simulation. There is also no offline version to install. MS also made a lot of promises for Flight. Yes, I know Flight isn’t exactly the best example, but everyone from that time has to find their trust in Microsoft again first. So forgive me if I’m not quite as euphoric. I have enough games in Steam that have a lot of potential but don’t use it.

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And this is really even more annoying with road traffic in VR where I find it more visible than in 3D: they don’t take in account car movement, which in turn makes TAA canceling out the moving pixels.

[BUG/FEATURE] TAA is transforming road traffic into ghosts (self-cancelling moving pixels)

Same problem here, it happend after the last update. Around buildings, trees, planes e.g. Good to see others have the same issue, and that it isnt my gpu :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, you two are going off topic.

Hard to read if amongst many users talking about the issue, you two post long paragraphs talking about licensing…

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So I was done with the discussion. Why are you restarting this again?
It would be nice if they left it at that.

It’s happening on all anti aliasing settings for me, each one has a similar result with DLAA having an almost identical result. I hope this is fixed soon because it ruins the realism and makes content creation more difficult.

WOW! This issue is so bad that it has got me thinking about giving up on MSFS. I never thought that I’d say this but it’s that bad of an immersion killer for me. This one has ruined MSFS and I’m stopping all MSFS purchases. Totally disappointed with ASOBO!

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Looks like the dominant bug in this update. Hopefully its fix in sim update 3

Given the pattern that the outline seems to appear when looking at a cloudy background.
I wonder if this is caused by the fix they made for the grainy/pixelated clouds?

Clearly they did something to remove the grainy effect, and also did something in the cloud effect to improve FPS as well, so I wonder if that fix is what’s causing the outline to appear.

All I can say is that this is horrendous and needs to be fixed in the next update. Bad enough we can’t really call this a bona fide flight sim, now we can’t really use it as a screenshot generator either.

Yeah, we already have hundreds of votes here, And make sure you report to Zendesk as well. Once they know about this, they’ll work on it. There’s nothing else we can do but wait, and just fly with the way it is at the moment.

Besides it only applies to a specific conditions and it’s mainly visible when flying and that’s only if you let it get to you. Just fly as always and let them do their work to fix it. Getting upset about it won’t make it go any faster.

lol - ok
what I meant to say is that this should have been fixed already or even that it is quasi-ridiculous that this made it out the door at all.
It has been reported to the dissociation desk FWIW
meanwhile I am enjoying carrier quals in the A4c in DCS


The main bug (there are several) has to be the debacle with the flaps. But it’s not just the flaps, it seems to be multiple elements of the physics engine that seem to affect all aircraft.

The glowing trees are just icing on the proverbial cake… :slight_smile:

Same here as reported above…

Oh man, first time I see it. What the hell:

Upvoted of course.

there is no drag modeled - no prop drag, no parasitic drag, no drag coefficient whatsoever.
all the flaps do is change the AoA as if in a vacuum - not certain if they add lift or not.
the global flight modeling aerodynamics in MSFS are mysterious at best